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Jaime and Nicole bring messages from the other side in love and light. They want to empower people to discover their own gifts by taking the fear out of spirit.  Psychic Medium Jaime conveys messages from your passed loved ones along with your spirit team.  Spiritwalker Nicole connects with your Angels and Guides….AKA your personal spirit team.


You won’t want to miss out on getting a session with these two extremely talented worldwide mediums. You will receive an all encompassed reading from the other side designed to give you the clarity and direction you need right now!  Being able to connect with spirit on multiple levels is what makes us Shades Of Spirit!

Meet Jaime and Nicole

We want to connect with others from all metaphysical fields to share and expand our knowledge.


Psychic Medium Jaime

 Jaime is a psychic medium that has been interacting with Spirit since the age of 5. As a young girl, Jaime would communicate with Spirit in her own unique way which built the foundation for her future destiny. She used to hide under the blankets with the tv on, lights on and her bedroom and the door open.  Later in life she realized one of her specialties is working with spirits that had crossed over suddenly, unexpectedly, or under tragic circumstances.  In addition to her mediumship skills, Jaime is a proud and practicing Reiki Master and paranormal investigator.  Jaime is proud to share her gifts and experiences with people around the world. 


SpiritWalker Nicole

Spiritwalker Nicole is an Intuitive Channeling Medium and Reiki and Shamanic Practitioner.  Her gift of communication in the higher realms is breathtaking. Spiritwalker Nicole will connect you with your spirit team to bring you messages for your highest and best. We came into this life with a purpose, to complete our Soul’s Life Contract. Sometimes we forget we have a team to help guide us on this journey. Spiritwalker Nicole will help give you direction on your soul’s purpose in this life by working through your angels and spirit guides.

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