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Psychic Medium Jaime

Thursdays 5pm PT / 8pm ET
Welcome to “Eye of Soul Radio” with Psychic Medium Jaime. Have you ever listened to psychic mediums, and everything turns out to be light and bright and all is well? Have you then realized that there’s more to reveal, that maybe something is missing – Something raw? Journey to the raw side of spirit. During this live-call in show, mother, medium, Reiki Master, spiritual connector, and meditation guru… Psychic Medium Jaime provides a safe space for people to turn to when they are scared and need a non-judgmental heart. Eye of Soul Radio allows you to receive spiritual guidance and empowering self-growth. We get real, we reach everyone and exclude no one. Are you ready to look at the raw side of spirit with Psychic Medium Jaime? This show is leaving nothing off limits!


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