Cosmic Sky

Work with Jaime & Nicole

Spirit Lead Psychic Medium Private and Group Readings

We will connect you with your passed loved ones, family and friends.  If you are looking for direction we can help connect you with your spirit team and give guidance on your path.  All the while letting spirit direct the reading.

*Mileage fees and rates apply.

Release and Intentions Monthly Workshop

Reiki & Reiki Flow Sessions

Jaime and Nicole will connect to your Guides and Angels and provide the energy work that is right for you.

Spiritual Growth Mediumship Training

This package gets you a 1on1 hour session each month where we help you hone in your spiritual gifts.  30 min check in 2 weeks after your hour session and guided practicals.  

Rates & Booking

Private Reading & Group Reading

One on one reading $150

Group reading min 3 max 12 people $55 per person

Spiritual Growth Mediumship Training

Monthly session $125

Monthly Release & Intentions Workshop

Currently done through Zoom $10

Reiki Flow

One 90 minute Session - $125


Jaime is an amazing medium with a beautiful, loving spirit. She’s very direct and blunt in sharing messages but does it in a loving way. She’s very warm and honest and this comes thru in her readings. Definitely recommend her.

5 stars. Maki Andmamad

Absolutely amazing reading! Jaime did a numerology reading and it was right on. Loved how Jaime explained the process and answered all my questions.I have had a couple of readings from Jaime as well as have taken a workshop from her. All of my experiences with Jaime have been amazing. She is also great with "gifted" teens. I can not say enough wonderful things about her.Thank you Jaime! I would highly recommend. Michelle Glover 

I was a lucky winner of a free reading with Jaime. I received my reading about 3 weeks ago. I am someone who processes for a while and I wanted to make sure that I was able to articulate exactly how magical our time was. I was so excited and had expectations about how it would go. Unfortunately I have a lot of family on the “other side” and was sure I would be met with those that were the closest to me on this side. The folks that came through were not who I expected but were welcome. The messages about my children were so accurate and specific it was mind boggling. These were things that could not be googled or have I ever posted on social media. I feel so lucky to have had that hour with you and hope we cross paths again. Thank you again for picking me! It was a blessing. Shannon Powers Hereford

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