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Psychic Medium Jaime

Shades of Spirit

World Renown Psychic Mediums, Talk Radio Hosts and Spiritual Advisors, Jaime and Nicole will bring messages from the other side in love and light. 





Meet Jaime and Nicole

Our vision is empower individuals who have an interest in all aspects of spirit.  We want to share the messages our Spirit Teams want to convey to the whole.  We want to connect with others from all metaphysical fields to share and expand our knowledge.


Your Shade

Powerfully Connect...Let Love Lead

Our Vision for You!

Jaime and Nicole will bring messages from the other side in love and light. They want to empower people to discover their own gifts by taking the fear out of spirit.  Shades Of Spirit wants to be able to help their clients regain control of their own energy through Reiki and Shamanic methods.  They will continue to expand, learn, teach, and most importantly, grow, grow, grow.


Working with Jaime and Nicole

"The most sacred moment is when we can connect with those energies and help elevate their vibration to ascend on their spiritual path. And, at the same time, giving closure to that person still here that I'm reading as a psychic medium.  Our energy is so high, and yet we share the same emotional, traumatic experiences, uh, that a lot of you do as well" ~Jaime

"We can relate to you on a human level and we can also relate to you on a spiritual level.  You don't have to be a crystal ball carrying woo, to be open to spirit. I will deliver straightforward, entertaining, messages and information that anybody can relate to. "~Nicole

We Meet You Where You Are - In Person or Remote Via Zoom

Group Readings are a beautiful way for a group of people to come together to experience messages from spirit.   These readings can also give the individual direction and validation.  These readings are done through Zoom. 

A Few Benefits Working with Us...



We will connect you with your passed loved ones, family and friends.  If you are looking for direction we can help connect you with your spirit team and give guidance on your path.  



The Journey of our lives connects our past, present, and future. do we remember? How do we bring our energies forward. Let us show you.





Reiki Master Jaime and Reiki/Channeling Medium Spiritwalker Nicole work through their teachings along with their Psychic Medium gifts.  


Shades of Spirit Radio
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Psychic Medium Jaime and SpiritWalker Nicole 

Jaime is a gifted medium who shoots straight from the hip and is spot on with her readings. Nicole is so talented being able to connect with your Angels and Spirit guides. I've had readings from both Jaime and Nicole which were amazing! I would highly recommend if you're looking to connect with your loved one's who have passed, reach out to them. They are fantastic! - Karen Burg
I have had 2 readings with Jaime and she is straight forward (or my guides make her be!) :) and I appreciate that. Her information is spot on and gives you a kick in the areas you need....we all need realignments and thinking outside the box, let your guides help you and trust that they got you.
-  Becky Curtis
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