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Jaime and Nicole will bring messages from the other side in love and light. They want to empower people to discover their own gifts by taking the fear out of spirit.  Shades Of Spirit wants to be able to help their clients regain control of their own energy through Reiki and Shamanic methods.  They will continue to expand, learn, teach, and most importantly, grow, grow, grow.

Jaime has been a practicing medium for over 30 years.  Five years ago, she branched out and started teaching empowering workshops to help others who were looking for like-minded individuals to share their curiosity in all things spirit. 

Jaime created her popular Release and Intention’s Workshop which was guided by her spirit team.  Jaime’s interest in energy work lead her into dive into The Laws of Attraction and how our thoughts really do become our reality.  Her monthly workshops coincided with the moon cycles depending what the whole of the group needed to focus on. 

Nicole was invited through a friend of a friend.  Nicole was unsure if she wanted to go to a workshop with people she didn’t know, so she headed to the gym.  As she went to get her gym bag, she realized she had left it at home.  That was the first time she left her gym bag at home in over 5 years.  Her options were to sit in traffic for two hours during rush hour on a Friday or attend this workshop she was invited to.  It took Nicole and Jaime a few months to click, but when they did it was seamless.  Each one having different specialties made for an amazing team.  Once they teamed up, they were able to give their clients astounding readings from both passed loved ones and angels and guides.  They have been working together ever since.  This year they were able to make their company Shades Of Spirit an LLC.  They can’t wait to see where this next journey takes them. 

Cosmic Sky


Purple Smoke

Jaime is a gifted medium who shoots straight from the hip and is spot on with her readings. Nicole is so talented being able to connect with your Angels and Spirit guides. I've had readings from both Jaime and Nicole which were amazing! I would highly recommend if you're looking to connect with your loved one's who have passed, reach out to them. They are fantastic! - Karen Burg

Purple Smoke

It was my first time doing a reading ever. I ended up getting a free reading from one of her Facebook live raffles. She told me step by step how the reading was going to go and explained everything for me. I really enjoyed the experience. 

Sonia Pacheco

Purple Smoke

I have had 2 readings with Jaime and she is straight forward (or my guides make her be!) :) and I appreciate that. Her information is spot on and gives you a kick in the areas you need....we all need realignments and thinking outside the box, let your guides help you and trust that they got you.

-  Becky Curtis

Offered the first Monday every month to coincide with our monthly show topics.  It will consist if topic specific discussions and Spirit Card Readings.  The cost of the circle is $25, space is limited. Email admin@shadesofspirit.com to reserve your spot!

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