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Animals, Gifts from the Spirit World


Have you had a pet or met an animal that makes you wonder if they were sent to you by divine intervention?  Do you refer to your pets as family?  Have you ever had a life-altering experience where an animal has stepped in at the most crucial moment to re-direct you for your well-being?  Do you believe animals can be direct healers from above?  Did you know animals have a dedicated Archangel to watch over them and work with us?


Today we will discuss which Archangel is associated with animals and how my Elmer keeps reincarnating to support me in this life. 

Archangel Ariel means Lioness of God.  One of the many aspects Ariel oversees is the protection and healing of animals and plants.  Archangel Ariel is the go-between for the humans and the elemental world.  Archangel Ariel works with Archangel Raphael when our animals need some healing energy.  When grounding to Mother Earth call on Ariel to ground you, center you, and help you feel the energy around you.  You can ask Ariel to help you connect with the wildlife around you when you’re taking a hike or meditating in the garden.  When you are reminiscing about a pet that you have lost call in Archangel Ariel and ask her to join you with any messages your pet may have for you.

Have you ever had a pet who seemed so familiar?  One where you felt like you have known for lifetimes?  Some people believe

that animals do not reincarnate, but I say otherwise.  I have owned many pets.  I have to say my most surprising animal was a snake.  Most peculiar was a beetle.  Elmer was a different story.  I have had dogs in my life since I was born.  This dog was different.  He was a pit mix I adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center as a companion for my 6-month-old female.  From the moment I picked him out I knew he was different.  He was extremely protective of my children of the unseen world.  He would follow around my kids as their protector from the unseen.  He would stare into the corners of the room when nothing was there.  When I got sick for a couple of weeks, he laid in bed with me guarding me from the darkness that tried to creep in when I wasn’t on my A game.  Even weeks after he passed, he would visit me and whimper in my ear.   Elmer sent me a gift at a hard time in my life.  In 2019 I was going through a divorce.  In October 2019 I was gifted a TJ Pug puppy.  This puppy had all the mannerisms of Elmer but was even more in tune with spirit.  In 2020 the world shut down with the coronavirus.  I hit the lowest of the lows trying to process the divorce, shared custody of my 3 children, and being locked in day in and day out with my thoughts.  This took a toll on me, but Dodger the TJ Pug would know when I was about to have a panic attack and sit with me until it was over.  He became very in tune with the Reiki energy sessions I would do.  He would sit under the table as I was performing distance sessions and knew before me, at times, when the session was ending.  He loved to sit in the room during my Zoom Psychic Medium readings.  There were countless times he would look in the direction I was channeling a message, or bark when a spirit entered the room. 

Now what about animals who have saved their owner’s lives?  There have been countless accounts of animals who have woken their owners from sleep when they smelled carbon monoxide in the middle of the night.  This doesn’t just ring true for dogs or cats.  A rabbit knew his owner needed help.  His owner was unable to move or make a sound while having a diabetic reaction.  The rabbit began anxiously hopping and fidgeting on his chest.    When the wife couldn’t wake him, she called 911.


Lastly, we cannot forget service animals.  Animals whom I believe have been sent from heaven as caregivers to us, the humans.  Out of a litter of puppies, you could have only one who shows all the traits that would make a great service dog.  These animals, whether they work one-on-one with their owner for health reasons, the bomb squad, police dogs, DEA dogs, etc. are sent here to form a bond, support the human world, and make an angelic connection from above. 

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